Strategic Concept Planning/Intelligence Training Support for Counter Drug Missions

  • Intel Trainer onsite training assistance in the Interagency Intelligence Fusion Centers
  • Assessed of current training management capabilities of INTEL FUSION CENTERS
  • Developed and delivered a detailed Program of Instruction (POI) for approval that established incremental training objectives and formed the basis of mobile training capabilities
  • Created the training schedules for the IIFC
  • Developed and submitted for JIATF West approval, evaluation criteria that will measure training effectiveness of units trained. End state is independent (non-US) training cadre capable of internal training for future year missions of new personnel. This should be a measured performance oriented evaluation that informs JIATF West and the Royal Thai Government how effective the training is
  • Assisted the IIFC in developing an internal training schedule for FY03
  • Evaluated the results of each training iteration and recommend additional training or reinforcement training required to meet end state objectives
  • Provided technical support to IIFC, and provided weekly status reports to Government on how many personnel were trained
  • Worked with JIATF and DEA to develop the counterdrug intelligence capability within the region
  • Support and provide assistance to JIATF West in the ongoing development of the CINC’s Strategic Concept Plan and Counter Drug Initiatives and translate into Thai, as required
  • Provide assistance and information as to overall operations and coordination with the Drug Enforcement Administration, (DEA), U.S. Customs Service (USCS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of State (DOS)
  • Assist with the translation, research, development and implementation of the Partner Nation Strategic Planning of their Counter Drug initiatives
  • Participate in the translation, initiation, coordination and documentation of plans and policy for JIATF-West. Establish practices and techniques to plan and develop operation test plans or operational test and review evaluation plans for systems, which primarily impact on the local operation of JIATF-West
  • Provide detailed information and guidance to the Director, JIATF-W, and for those personnel involved with the planning, programming, budgeting, and execution of the Counter Drug training. The specific curriculum will be based on results of site surveys and development of the program of instruction, which will be tailored to meet the requirements of the Country Team’s goals/objectives for proficiency upon arrival for training. In addition, Human Rights Training will be incorporated into each training iteration. The training sequence will also be adjusted based on the Country Team’s and the Host Nation priorities
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